DIGITAL AUDIO MP3 DOWNLOAD - 10.01.19 - Harris Center - Folsom CA

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DIGITAL AUDIO MP3 DOWNLOAD - 10.0,19 - Harris Center - Folsom CA

Note: There was a technical error during the LIVE recording of "Summer Rain," the computer that records the show failed, and had to be rebooted. We have included "Summer Rain" from the previous show in Las Vegas for the track "Summer Rain" only to make up for the computer failure issue. We apologize for this, and our merch team attempted to notify all individuals who purchased a download, but in case we missed anyone, we wanted to be open that an error occurred for this track. Again we apologize.

1. Solo Intro
2. Blue Roses Falling
3. Sakura Sakura
4. Let's Dance
5. 143
6. 6.8
7. The Greatest Day
8. Folsom Prison Blues
9. Go For Broke
10. Piano Forte
11. Eleanor Rigby
12. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
13. Use Me
14. Summer Rain
15. Morning Blue
16. Dragon
17. Bohemian Rhapsody
18. Kawika

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