Spotify Friday Playlist Spotlight For ‘Jake & Friends’

September 10, 2021 Jake Shimabukuro Team

‘Thank you to these Spotify playlists for including Jake Shimabukuro with Willie Nelson‘s single “Stardust” from the upcoming album ‘Jake & Friends’ which releases 11.12.2021!

💥New Music Nashville:
💥New Music Friday India:
💥Over The Rainbow:
💥A Different Standard:
Also thank you to the following playlists include the new single ‘Two High’ featuring Jake Shimabukuro with Moon Taxi!
💥New Music Friday Japan:

Thank you for supporting Jake Shimabukuro‘s new album releasing 11.12.2021 titled ‘Jake & Friends’ by including these singles in your playlists! Also, please let us know if you include one of our released new singles in your playlists! We may showcase them here each Friday!🤙Pre-Order on CD, LP or Digitally now at:

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