Learn from Jake Shimabukuro, NEW for 2021!

June 1, 2021 Jake Shimabukuro Team

Hawaii Youth Symphony is thrilled to announce this stunning new program, led by Jake Shimabukuro! Exclusive to the Pacific Music Institute, learn from the ukulele virtuoso himself during this 4-day program. You’ll learn:

*Fretboard Navigation
*Achieving a Good Tone
*Rhythm & Strumming
*Composing & Songwriting
(Jake will guide the class in writing a song together!)

*Melody, Harmony, Rhythm, & Dynamics in Music
*How to Practice
*Basic Music Theory Concepts
*Improvising Over A 12-Bar Blues & Chord Substitutions
*Technical Gear
(Strings, Pickups, DI Box, Effect Pedals, Cables, Power)

More info: https://www.pacificmusichi.org/ukulele-workshop/

“Jake Shimabukuro has taken the four-string, two-octave instrument to places no one could have imagined back in the golden years of Don Ho, ranging freely across the music spectrum from jazz, blues, and funk to bluegrass, classical, and folk with the ease of a musician fully in command of the possibilities of his chosen instrument … Shimabukuro has completely rewritten the book on the possibilities of the ukulele.“ — Steve Leggett, Apple Music

Steve Leggett, Apple Music

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