Jake Shimabukuro’s MASTERCLASS

March 27, 2021 Jake Shimabukuro Team

Jake Shimabukuro, the viral ʻukulele virtuoso from Honolulu, breaks down ʻukulele playing, starting with getting to know your instrument.

Learn your way around the fretboard and start strumming right away. Pick up simple chords that will allow you to play hundreds of songs, and then work your way up to more complex chord groupings and advanced skills like tremolo picking and achieving vibrato with step-by-step instructions. Strum along with Jake and learn how to play your favorite songs on the ʻukulele—or try Jake’s process for creating your own original music.

Learn more about Jake Shimabukuro’s MasterClass at https://mstr.cl/31Lz64W​.
Jake Shimabukuro, the “Jimi Hendrix of the ʻukulele,” first garnered worldwide attention after someone posted his rendition of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” on YouTube. The clip went viral, and he’s since toured around the globe and changed how many people see the oft-overlooked instrument. Jake moves with ease across genres—from jazz and blues to rock, classical, folk, funk, and flamenco—and wows crowds with his distinct, acclaimed original compositions and fearless take on well-known tunes.
He’s won the Hawaiʻi Music Award for Best ʻUkulele Album and 16 Nā Hōkū Hanohano Awards, including Favorite Entertainer of the Year, and released several albums that have climbed the Billboard Top World Music Album charts. Now the subject of an award-winning documentary, he continues to explore the dynamic and sonic range of the ʻukulele and can count working with Jimmy Buffet, Ziggy Marley, Cyndi Lauper, Bette Midler, and Yo-Yo Ma among his creative collaborations.
In this online class, you’ll learn about:
• Choosing and tuning a ʻukulele
• The proper way to hold your instrument
• Navigating a fretboard
• Basic strumming and strumming techniques
• Playing one-, two-, and three-finger chords
• Advanced chord groupings and barre chords
• Melody, rhythm, and dynamics
• Developing your own distinct sound
• Mastering vibrato
• Learning songs and adapting them for ʻukulele
• Harmonics
• Creating an original song
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