MasterClass Announces New Class on Ukulele with Virtuoso and Composer Jake Shimabukuro

August 20, 2020 Jake Shimabukuro Team

SAN FRANCISCO, August 20, 2020 — MasterClass, the streaming platform that makes it
possible for anyone to learn from the best, today announced that ukulele virtuoso and composer
Jake Shimabukuro will teach a class on how to play the ukulele. Through a series of
easy-to-follow lessons, MasterClass members will learn the basics of playing the ukulele, from
the proper way to hold the instrument and strumming techniques to more advanced skills like
mastering vibrato and achieving harmonics. Now available at, members can
subscribe for unlimited access to all new and existing 85+ classes through the All-Access Pass.
MasterClass categories include business, culinary arts, film & television, music & entertainment,
photography, sports and more.

“Jake is a musical genius,” said David Rogier, co-founder and CEO of MasterClass. “Watching
his dynamic finger work and hearing him play his iconic covers will leave MasterClass members
feeling inspired and confident to learn the ukulele and make their own music.”
Throughout his career, Jake Shimabukuro has challenged notions of what was possible with a
ukulele through his fast and complex finger work, which has made him an internationally
recognized ukulele virtuoso and composer. His professional career began when a video of him
playing a rendition of George Harrison’s “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” was posted on
YouTube without his knowledge, immediately going viral. He was soon dubbed the “Jimi
Hendrix of the Ukulele,” and his career skyrocketed, leading him to release multiple albums and
tour all over the world. Shimabukuro’s music combines elements of various genres including
jazz, blues, rock, blue grass, classical, folk, funk, Hawaiian and flamenco. A pioneer for the “true
underdog of instruments,” Shimabukuro has helped to propel the ukulele’s presence in the
musical world.

“Music has the power to truly shape who we are,” said Jake Shimabukuro. “I hope that through
my MasterClass people will discover that the ukulele is not just a tool to make music, but also
something that can be life changing.”

Shimabukuro’s MasterClass will teach members the fundamentals of how to play the ukulele
with tips, insights and stories from years spent developing his skills. With an inclusive and
engaging teaching method, Shimabukuro breaks down ukulele basics for beginners
step-by-step, showing members how to hold a ukulele, navigate the fretboard, strum effectively,
achieve desired notes and develop unique sounds. He showcases his lessons in action through
dynamic performances of his most iconic covers, including a breakdown of “Hallelujah” and a
demonstration of how he arranges his rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody.” More experienced
members will learn advanced skills, from advanced chord groupings and techniques to
achieving vibrato and harmonics. Shimabukuro will also take members on a song creation
journey from start to finish, sharing his process, tricks and inspiration to create an original

Jake Shimabukuro’s class joins the 85+ classes taught by world-renowned instructors on
culinary arts, photography, writing, performance, and much more. Each MasterClass has
digestible video lessons sized to fit into any part of your day and cinematic visuals with close-up,
hands-on demonstrations that make you feel one-on-one with the instructor. The All-Access
Pass gives you access to every MasterClass and new ones as they launch. Learn on the go
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