3rd Annual Jake Shimabukuro & Friends Concert

3rd Annual Jake Shimabukuro & Friends Concert

NEW RELEASE : Jake will close out his 2014 worldwide tour with a concert very special to him—the 3rd Annual Jake Shimabukuro & Friends Concert—a show celebrating his career, which was rooted by his upbringing, both personally and musically, in Hawaii. Tickets for the concert on Dec. 5 at the Blaisdell Concert Hall are available for purchase at : http://www.blaisdellcenter.com/ai1ec_event/jake-and-friends-concert/

“I’ve been so fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel around the world and play alongside some of my musical heroes, but Hawaii—my upbringing and music foundation here—is at the core of who I am both as a person and as a musician,” said Shimabukuro. “I just really want to put on a great show, playing alongside local artists that I really admire, for my family, friends and fans in the place that I love.”

The concert will chronicle Shimabukuro’s career through music and storytelling and special and surprise guest artists that have been instrumental in Jake’s rise to fame. Tickets start at $20.

The beautiful poster is designed by Christie Shinn. www.shinnstudio.com